Premiums are going up by double digits all over the country.  Managed care is not going to reduce those increases.  Up until recently, the only option an employer had to avoid premium increases was to strip out benefits.  Until now.

Now your clients and prospects have innovative choices.  They can reduce their costs without reducing benefits.  All they do is pay for their plans in a slightly different fashion.

Let IIS Benefit Administrators introduce your groups to premium management.  Plans can be written on any size case, even as small as two employees.

You may have to set aside the conventional self-funded thinking you are comfortable with.  If you can open your mind to accept innovative new strategies, you will increase your value to your clients and to yourself.

Premium management helps employers lower costs and maintain (or even increase) benefits.

As a broker, you gain in two ways.  First, using shared funding makes it impossible for another broker to offer a better plan.  Second, you will have a decisive advantage when you prospect for new clients.

We urge you to review the resources and informational assets IIS Benefit Administrators has available for brokers.  But don’t stop there.  Ask IIS to help you quote on cases you are currently working.  There are three ways to request a quote:

• Call IIS Benefit Administrators toll free at (877) 257-3826 or locally at (702) 257-3825.

• Print out a quote request form and fax it to (800) 221-3318 or locally at (702) 257-3863.

• Print out a quote request form, scan it and e-mail it to brokersupport@iisbenefits.net