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Experienced Third Party Administrator

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IIS Benefits Administrators

Helping Businesses Reduce Group Health Insurance Premiums And Maintain Quality Coverage For Employees.

IIS Benefit Administrators is a national TPA (third party administrator). IIS Benefit Administrators process claims payments between employers, carriers, and the providers in self-funded commercial health insurance plans. With IIS Benefit Administrators you can enter the self-funded space without fear of exposure to large claims or large cash flow swings. IIS Benefit Administrators can help employers lowers fixed cost by 45 percent and helps employers see and pay for pure health care cost!

The spectrum of the IIS Benefit Administrators product choices is what you would expect from a full service benefits provider:

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Life
  • Pharmacy
  • Consumer-driven health plans such as HSAs and HRAs.

IIS Benefit Administrators uses IHQ Software to deliver game-changing purchasing advantages. Reduce your fixed health insurance costs and offer quality benefit programs with our help.

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Specializing in Health Reimbursement Arrangements

IIS Benefit Administrators can help you acquire the right health insurance solution for your business. To do this, IIS Benefit Administrators combine self-funded commercial health insurance plans with a Medical Expense Reimbursement Plan, MERP.

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Providing Services for Employers and Brokers

Whether you’re a business looking to self-fund its own business health insurance plans or a broker that wants to expand healthcare options for clients, IIS Benefit Administrators can help.


Employers can benefit from a variety of tools using the IIS Benefit Administrators employer portal.

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Brokers can learn more about the plans and services they can configure for the needs of their clients.

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IIS Medical Reimbursement Plans

The IIS MERP is a MACRO business model of traditional Self -Funded business principles that allows small to mid-market employers to enter the self -funded space without fear of exposure to large claims or large cash flow swings.

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Our Services


Medical Expense Reimbursement Plans, or MERP, are IIS Benefit Administrators’s expertise. IIS Benefit Administrators are one of the few not only to offer this service, but to also specialize in it. Under a MERP, businesses reimburse employees for out-of-pocket medical expenses that are brought upon by the employee or their dependents. It’s a fast and easy way for employees to get the treatment they need, while at the same time getting eventual compensation from employers.

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Third-Party Administrator

IIS Benefit Administrators provides third party administrator (TPA) services. IIS handle claims, process data, and handle other aspects on behalf of our clients and partners. This allows clients more time to focus on other aspects of their business while we focus on what IIS Benefit Administrators’re experts in.

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General Agent Services

General Agent services, or GA, provides some additional assistance for businesses looking to evolve their Group Health Insurance coverage.

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Our Solutions

Ready To Help Businesses Of All Sizes

Whether you’re a small start-up with only two or more employees or a medium-sized company with a few dozen IIS Benefit Administrators can find a self-funded commercial health insurance plan for you that benefits everyone.

Get A Productivity Boost

When you work with IIS Benefit Administrators to get a proper business health insurance plan, IIS can help your company achieve higher productivity and experience less downtime.

Get More Choices

When you work with IIS Benefit Administrators, you get access to a large network of healthcare providers . Give yourself and your employees the opportunity to enjoy a wider range of doctors and healthcare facilities that fall under the umbrella of IIS Benefit Administrators’s approved providers. Different locations, more choices, and better access are always good things for a healthier, more productive business.

Experience Savings For You & Your Employees

With a properly implemented Group Health Insurance plan, you can be smarter with your finances for your business. Employer payroll taxes, for example, may experience reductions if your employees are making contributions to insurance. Employer contributions, on the other hand, can be tax-deductible, which is a strategic expenditure.

Easier Than You Think

When you come to us, this isn’t like buying a product where you only have one off-the-shelf option, and it’s up to do your research. IIS Benefit Administrators has the industry knowledge and experience to guide you through the entire self-funded commercial health insurance process, first assessing your business size, resources, and needs. Plus providing a unique solution specific to YOU, not a generic, one-size-fits-all policy.

Giving Brokers More Options

For people in the business of providing guidance and business health insurance options to clients, IIS Benefit Administrators is a good partner to have for your clients. We can provide you with a greater spectrum of group plans, open up your access to different healthcare providers, and give you the versatility to tailor just the right health plan for your small or medium-sized enterprise clients.

General Agent Services

Level Funded Carriers

Level funded carriers can help small businesses achieve similar health insurance coverage results as larger companies. It’s a good way to remain competitive and attractive to workers, even without the revenue of a multinational corporation.

Provider Lookup

If you want to know which healthcare providers are covered by specific insurance plans, and what kind of services they offer, use the provider lookup tool. This provides more answers and gives employees a clear idea of where to go.

Voluntary Products

Provide additional coverage for your employees that can choose to opt into if they like, such as optometry, dental, or other health services. These voluntary products can give you more options, and provide attractive incentives that employees can choose if they like.

ACA Compliance

IIS Benefit Administrators is always aware and informed of the latest ACA regulations and requirements and ensures that you are too, with trackable, verifiable processes you can follow at every step of the way. Always clear, always transparent.

Digital Accessibility & Processing

Needed information doesn’t have to be confined to someone filling out a physical document, storing it in a single filing cabinet, and limiting access only to people who can get to that building. With IIS Benefit Administrators’s modern digital infrastructure, processing health plans, individual claims, and reimbursements can all be handled digitally.

Gentle Transitions

While it’s comparatively fast and easy to sign on for Group Health Insurance coverage, sometimes the big concern is what happens when the coverage ends, and people may still be relying on it. There are provisions in place through mechanisms like the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) that provide temporary relief for workers that may no longer qualify for coverage under their current health plan.