BenAdmin Systems

Flexibility with Enrollment and BenAdmin Systems

We bring a customizable, cost-neutral system to the broker and employer, or utilize their existing platform to communicate and help manage benefits enrollment and administration. These systems can be used by our enrollment specialists to assist the employees in their enrollment, or they can be configured for self-enrollment. Automated eligibility files are transferred to the carriers and data is reconciled regularly.

  • Customized case set up for each individual client
  • Timely and efficient pre-enrollment testing of technology
  • Coordination of all file feeds to carriers in the proper specifications
  • Customized reporting provided to client and consultant to review results of enrollment
We Offer

Consolidated TPA Services

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We care about your business.

IIS Benefit Administrators are here for our employers that want to find the best small business healthcare coverage for their management and workers. IIS Benefit Administrators has extensive experience finding the right models and partners to ensure that employers get not only the coverage they want but have access to it with doctors and medical facilities that will qualify for coverage.

  • 25 Years of Experience
  • Underwriting Support
  • Fast & Easy Applications
  • Medical Networks
  • MERP Plans
  • Large Carrier Base


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