Level-Funded Carriers

Realize the Value of Level Funding

With a level-funded plan, an employer pays a health carrier the same monthly amount to cover the estimated cost for expected claims, the premium for stop loss insurance that covers health care costs over a set dollar amount, and plan administration costs.

Level funding provides a viable bridge option for employers interested in moving toward self funding but maintains some of the predictability of a fully insured plan. Employers that are more risk averse can move toward self funding while maintaining some elements of the fully insured world, such as monthly billing.

  • Fixed Administrative Costs
  • Aggregate Stop Loss Coverage
  • Cost Savings
  • Flexible Plan Design
  • Lower Regulatory Requirements
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IIS Benefit Administrators are here for our employers that want to find the best small business healthcare coverage for their management and workers. IIS Benefit Administrators has extensive experience finding the right models and partners to ensure that employers get not only the coverage they want but have access to it with doctors and medical facilities that will qualify for coverage.

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