Providing optimum small business health insurance solutions for employees


Providing optimum small business health insurance solutions for employees


Providing optimum small business health insurance solutions for employees

IIS Benefit Administrators Is Here For You


Healthcare expenses are one of the biggest worries people have, which is why any company that offers a comprehensive insurance plan is providing not just a convenience, but stability and even peace of mind to employees. IIS Benefit Administrators understands how important this can be to business productivity and offer a membership that comes with many small business health insurance benefits.

Why IIS?

Any business thinking of becoming a member of the IIS Benefit Administrators network is working with a partner that understands every business is different, and so are their needs. IIS Benefit Administrators have numerous partners and other vendors that help us to address the distinct requirements our employers have. Whether a company is large and looking for traditional, fully-funded coverage, or is a small business with only five employees that wants to provide more peace of mind and coverage, we can handle the scope and the scale.

IIS Benefit Administrators doesn’t distinguish employers by the size of their coverage requirements, every member is important to us, and receives the same amount of care and focus. Our concern is understanding what your current situation is, where you like to be in terms of coverage, and finding the solutions that meet your budget and coverage requirements. As a result, employers enjoy a variety of different types of support, such as:


IIS Benefit Administrators are here for our employers that want to find the best small business healthcare coverage for their management and workers. IIS Benefit Administrators has extensive experience finding the right models and partners to ensure that employers get not only the coverage they want but have access to it with doctors and medical facilities that will qualify for coverage.


IIS don’t just stop at the companies themselves that are employers. In the same way, IIS Benefit Administrators that individual companies have different needs; IIS also know that different employees within that company have different requirements as well. IIS Benefit Administrators is happy to help with assisting individuals in finding the programs that work for them.

Third-Party Administration

One of the most important things for the smooth processing of claims and management of healthcare funds is administration. Some businesses may prefer to take on small business health insurance processing themselves, perhaps even devote some resources of their finance department to handling it.

IIS Benefit Administrators however, doesn’t just recommend small business health insurance plans and carriers to work with. IIS also have the means to help businesses to manage these activities if they don’t want to do so internally. IIS Benefit Administrators understands that this is a meticulous process and can be a drain on both time and resources and is ready to step in and ensure smooth results.

General Agent Services

In addition to TPA services, IIS Benefit Administrators has expanded its range of capabilities to include General Agent (GA) services, taking our ability to serve employers to the next level. This augments our existing capacity to assist with managing administrative duties and gives the ability to help actively shape better policies.

Underwriting support, for example, is one way that GA services can help employers to better craft the kind of liability management they want to take one. ACA compliance is another way we can ensure that claims and internal policies for coverage are following the recommendations required by the Affordable Care Act for a quick resolution that meets federal guidelines.

Extensive Network

IIS Benefit Administrators has a network of agents, agencies, and brokers for employers to work with. Perhaps more importantly, IIS are partnered with numerous carriers and other healthcare adjacent partners. This gives employers a huge range of options for the kinds of small business health insurance plans they want to work with.

It also provides a good range of providers to look up to see which medical professionals and facilities in the area are available to go to and enjoy that coverage.